• About Me

    I am a graphic designer with experience in web design, illustration, content creation and management, social media management, print design, and real estate marketing. I currently live in Lynchburg with my husband, Brandon, and a 3 foot tall sock monkey named Maxx. We want to move to The Outer Banks in North Carolina as soon as possible, but we'd be okay with job offers in the Richmond area as well. I'm from Fredericksburg and I know the area well. I even know that the best burger is at The Pub off Rt. 3 by Tractor Supply on Saturday night despite what all the blog posts say about the best burger in town.

    I have a store on Redbubble called The Other Garage. It's where I sell my artwork for an obscenely low profit, but hey, I don't have to keep an inventory. Eventually, I'd like the space to screen print my own shirts and posters, manufacture some wooden keychains, and maybe get into some custom detail work for car enthusiasts.

    I love the beach; I love the waves, the salty water, the sand, the rip tide, bodyboarding, watching people face plant on skim boards (I hate skim boarding, it's okay, but my time is better spent in the water), and generally just being there. On the flip side of that, I love NYC. I love the concrete jungle, the busy people, the subway system, the pizza, the street food, the neighborhoods and their uniqueness, and most of all– the fact that these people who are considered rude are probably the coolest people you'll ever meet if you get into a conversation with one of them.

  • Education

    While I finished my coursework at Liberty, it was not the first stop along the way. The financial crisis that hit around 2007-2008 was rather rough on my parents who were helping me out with school and I wasn't about to sign up for student loans; I worked a lot through school, but also took time off from one or the other when necessary.

    Christopher Newport University 2009-2010, Stage Design/Tech
    Germanna Community College 2010-2011, Business
    Liberty University 2013-2014, Graphic Design 

  • Work

    Freelance Graphic Design, 2011-preset
    Students for Life and Rock for Life – T-Shirt Designs for Summer Tours and Pregnant on Campus Initiative
    The Yummy Potato – social media graphics for Chiro One, AmpLIFEied, annd other medical companies
    Virginia Commonwealth Roasters – branding for main company and each line of company
    Others – Some clients don't need consistent work, but I will do logos, create ads, or even do illustrations for just about anyone who is willing to pay.

    Sutton Landscaping, Accounts Receivables Manager, 2017-present
    Send Invoices to customers through Quickbooks every month
    Build new website
    Create new branding to go in advertising

    Josh Sutton, Realtor, Marketing Director, 2017
    Maintain website and social media
    Design print and web materials
    Edit weekly videos
    Create new website content and look

    Stimulus Advertising, Art Director mid 2015- late 2016
    Create newspaper ads for clients
    Create content for client websites
    Design print collateral (business cards, etc)
    Collaborate to find best solutions

    Rappahannock United Way, Communications Assistant, 2014-2015
    Create materials for print and web
    Add content to websites
    Manage social media

    Stone Blue Productions, Intern, 2014
    Create youtube channel graphics
    Tee-shirt design

    Mount Ararat, Creative Administrator, 2012
    Manage current projects
    Update social media channels
    Update content on Joomla website

    Lifepoint Church, Graphic Design Intern, 2012
    Manage in-house design requests
    Design print materials for all departments
    Design and build new stage sets

    Century 21 New Millennium, Administrative Assistant for Peggy Withers, Realtor, 2006-2011
    Copying and paperwork
    Creation of new listing lookbooks
    Photograph new listings
    Put together mailers to entire neighborhoods

  • Special Projects

    The Other Garage is a place I sell my artwork; it's mostly automotive related with a few other things thrown in. While it's not a huge money-maker, it is a place I can post my artwork, sell it on tee-shirts, tapestries, mugs, and other assorted things without having to keep an inventory. On the downside I don't get to communicate with my customers unless a friend tells me they bought something. I've had a handful of sales in TX, CA, VT, CT, and other places where I don't know many residents. 

    I've always had an interest in screen printing and since I haven't found a job that lets me screen print, I decided to start doing it myself. I found a company that sells letter sized photo emulsion sheets that are easy to expose, clean, and print with. While it's not as involved as having a press, it's something I can do in my apartment. 

    I also have a desktop sized laser engraver my parents ordered from China for me. It's not the best quality, but it allows to me to put an engraved logo or image on wood, paper, foam, or leather. I've had to take the contraption apart and put it back together because the factory in China that put it together missed the timing belt by a couple notches so everything I engraved was shifted. Thankfully, it works now and I'm glad I've learned the ways of the engraver. 

    I am currently in my last class of a content marketing certificate. The certificate has included two classes from Rutgers professor, Greg Jarboe and one business analytics class using Excel by somebody who didn't introduce herself before diving into crazy functions that I never knew Excel was capable of.

    Once I complete the content marketing certificate, I will be working on a 12 course certificate for social media marketing from the Silicon Valley Digital Marketing Institute.

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